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Who is behind MxScents perfumes?

Even though hardly a "nose" the name behind MxScents perfumes is Maximo Bence. He started dabbling in the perfumery field back in 2014 when he found PerfumersWorld, and after acquiring their "Perfumery Training Kit" and finishing their foundation course his lifetime dream finally found an open door to that evasive and sometimes even mystic knowledge of the perfumery world. Lots of books, blogs, learning processes, and tests have passed since then and, as a result, a few jewels have started to surface through his novel company, MxScents.

Maximo certainly is setting up a path where creativity plays free, to captivate an eager and unrelenting audience. Do not be fooled by the naivete and apparent simplicity of his creations: MxScents perfumes are a force to be reckoned with.