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Our Boswellic Acid & Magnesium RESTORATIVE NIGHT CREAM is a skin rejuvenator marvel. With 2% Boswellic Acid, 1.5% Magnesium, Green tea extract and a handful of other goodies, this cream will slowly give your skin its youths look and leave it like it was years ago!Complimenting those goodies, an impressive blend of essential oils: Lavender, Fennel, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Chamomille, Cypress, Tea tree and Ashwagandha.

Do not let one more day pass without giving your face this incredible treat!

What is the difference between a lotion and a cream?

  • Lotion: Lotions have a higher water percentage and, to put it simply, are droplets of oil mixed in water. Lotions tend to be light-weight, non-greasy, and are more easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Cream: Cream is a blend of oil and water with a higher oil percentage - basically droplets of water mixed in oil. Cream may be heavier and richer than lotion and, therefore, its consistency thicker.  

Our Boswellic Acid & Magnesium RESTORATIVE NIGHT CREAM helps to [1]:  

  • Lift and tighten skin
  • Reduce skin oiliness
  • Reduce acne blemishes
  • Helps prevent wrinkles
  • Tackle skin allergies
  • Improve skin health

MxScents Boswellic Acid & Magnesium RESTORATIVE NIGHT CREAM ingredients: 

Distilled water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil & Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Butter), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Beeswax, Emulsifying Wax NF, Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin,  Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Distillate, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel), Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Extract, Magnesium Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E oil), Optiphen Plus (Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol & Sorbic Acid), Boswellia serrata extract, proprietary blend of essential oils: Fennel, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Chamomille, Cypress, Tea Tree, Sweet Marjoram, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Thyme.

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Greener life Logo We are a proud member of the Greener Life Club.
We are committed to making products that promote a greener life. We strive to ensure that our raw ingredients are skin safe as well as ethically sourced. And we provide as much information as possible about the ingredient of every product we make.

Shea Butter: The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. Also, a 2010 study found that due to its cinnamic acid content, is anti-inflammatory.

Coconut Oil: To understand how coconut oil achieves all of its impressive benefits we have to look into its constituents and their respective properties:  

  • Saturated Fats: Predominantly, these saturated fats are medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides. When applied on the skin, they keep it smooth to the touch. 

  • Capric /Caprylic/Lauric acid: These three fatty acids have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. 

  • Vitamin-E: The contributions of vitamin-E towards skin care are well known. It is essential for healthy skin growth, repair of wear & tear on the skin, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking.  

  • Anti-Aging: Traditionally, coconut oil has been praised and popularized for its anti-aging properties. 

  • Proteins: Coconut oil is rich in many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally. P

Aloe Butter: is an extraction of Aloe Vera using a fatty coconut fraction to produce a soft solid, which melts on contact with the skin. It aids in rapid hydration of dry skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, windburn, and general chapping. It is rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B, Choline, B12 & Folic Acid. It is also highly antioxidant and contains skin rejuvenating, wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cocoa Butter: It comes from cocoa beans. They are a high-antioxidant food since they contain a significant amount of polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants. Cocoa butter is a healthy fat, mostly saturated just like coconut oil.  Among the different types of fatty acids are: 

  • Stearic acid (24% to 37% of total fat content)
  • Palmitic acid (24% to 30%)
  • Myristic acid (0% to 4%)
  • Arachidic acid (around 1%)
  • Lauric acid (0% to 1%) 

    Beeswax: Known mostly for its conditioning properties, beeswax also has a number of other benefits for the skin, including an action that helps to calm and soothe. Another amazing ingredient made by bees, beeswax helps soften and soothe skin.

    Emulsifying wax: This material, sourced from naturally occurring fats and esters and further processed into a convenient pastille flake form is used to emulsify the water and oils together. It conforms to the current USP/NF Monograph.

    Olive Oil: Following are just some of the olive oil skin benefits. 

    • Antioxidant Protection: Olive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. Antioxidants, when topically applied, may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage to the skin. 
    • Doesn’t Clog Pores: Unlike commercial moisturizers that can clog pores and exacerbate current skin conditions, olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin while providing a cleansing effect. 
    • Enhances Exfoliation: Another one of olive oil’s benefits for skin is its usefulness in exfoliating applications. 

    Argan Oil: It is most commonly used as a skin moisturizer to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. 

    Castor Oil: Is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil, which has been around for centuries. The majority of castor oils benefits are derived from its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids.

    Stearic acid: Saturated fatty acid found in vegetable fats. It is used in a variety of cosmetics and personal care products, as a surfactant and emulsifier.

    Vegetable Glycerin: It is a form of sugar alcohol that is available naturally in vegetable oils and can also be the byproduct of soap making. Glycerin is a humectant or hygroscopic in nature. Humectants attract moisture from the epidermis and the environment to the surface layers of the skin. Apart from moisturizing, it also has cleansing, lubricating and soothing properties.

    Sandalwood Distillate: Sandalwood Distillate Water and Hydrosol is a therapeutic ingredient in skin care. It can be used as an astringent or in the treatment of acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Witch Hazel: Witch Hazel is a topical astringent derived from the bark and leaves of Hamamelis virginiana, the common or North American Witch-hazel shrub. High concentrations of tannins in witch hazel make it an excellent astringent which means it has the ability to remove excess oil from skin and shrink down pores. 

    Green Tea Extract: It has anti-aging and antioxidant benefits that can help delay signs of skin aging, such as sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. The polyphenols in green tea help neutralize harmful free radicals, which can cause significant damage to the skin and accelerate the aging process.

    Magnesium Oil: Not actually an oil, but magnesium chloride suspended in water that just happens to have an oily consistency, magnesium oil has masterful absorption properties and acts as an efficient humectant that keeps the skin hydrated and flexible.

    Vitamin E (tocopherol): Vitamin E plays a crucial role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage. This protection extends to preventing damage to the skin from UV rays, pollutants and the effects of aging. The d-alpha-tocopherol also protects against lipid peroxidation, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This form of Vitamin E is GMO-free and gluten-free. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant with a full spectrum of tocopherols. Constituents: 50% Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol, d-beta tocopherol, d-gamma tocopherol, d-delta tocopherol.) and 50% (GMO-free) refined soybean oil.

    Optiphen Plus: is a liquid broad spectrum preservative, a blend of Phenoxyethanol (good bacteria and yeast killer), Caprylyl Glycol (good bacteriostatic and bactericide) and Sorbic Acid (one of the organic acids, that is a good fungal, mold, and yeast inhibitor and it's an okay bactericide. It is not a formaldehyde donor.

    Boswellia Serrata Extract: The sap that comes from boswellia contains components called “boswellic acids” that are believed to be responsible for many of health benefits. Boswellia can help create clear, even-toned, more youthful looking skin. These properties together make boswellia perfect for: 

    • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Toning: Boswellia naturally helps skin to appear smoother and softer.
    • Tame occasional redness: If you’re someone who suffers from occasional redness in your skin, it may help to give you a more even skin tone. 

      Essential Oils: Lavender, Fennel, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Chamomille, Cypress, Tea Tree and Ashwagandha.

      Do not pollute your skin with dangerous chemicals. Renew it with a fresh & healthy cream while you sleep!

      Use as needed. No harmful side effects. 100% Natural

      For better results apply before bedtime for at least 2 weeks.

      [1] Our RESTORATIVE NIGHT CREAM do not replace any prescribed medication. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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