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Perfume: SIS

Perfume: SIS

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Sis: Immerse yourself in endless sunbathed meadows and experience their delicate aroma. Relax.
soft and calm floral for today's active woman. Take your time. Feel. Smell. Rest.
A captivating subtle hint of floral sexy reality. Chill.
dazzling familiar experience. Unwind.
A family scent. You are home.


Sis: A family scent.

Why? I wanted to make a perfume for and about my sister. A creation representing what she means to me. What would be the smell of what I feel about her? I knew she would identify herself more with a light scent than with a strong one. Not spicy, neither herbal, hence floral was the way to go. 

I wanted to represent an active, dynamic woman, that "flows" through life, always thinking about everything and everybody. It had to be creative enough to be sexy and fashionably attractive yet fresh and smooth enough to represent conservative values of family and motherhoodAdult and young at the same time. 

And Sis was born. 

Sis conveys peace and calm in a hectic world. In the middle of the rush, if you pay attention and you can hear its smell, it will be slowly tantalizing your ear with soothing words: Relax. Take your time. Feel. Smell. Rest. Chill. Unwind. You are home.


Sis is here.

 Choose from a 3.5ml mini sprayer, a practical 10ml travel spray size, or a 30ml, 60ml or 100ml spray bottles.